Announcement of Corporate Site Renewal


Thank you for visiting the MAYA HOLDINGS‘ corporate website.
We have fully renewed our website as of Thursday, September 1, 2022.

In addition to a major redesign, we have made it easier to understand our VISION and business activities.

Major Changes:
1. OUR VISION, CSR and Sustainability

We have newly added content on the MAYA GROUP’s mission and social contribution activities, and we plan to enhance them in the future.

2. Responsive web priority and simplified sitemap

Menu display with hamburger buttons in all sizes for intuitive and easy-to-understand site navigation. Customers can quickly find the information they want to know.

3. Monotone and soft UI design of the group worldview

The design makes extensive use of silver-gray tones, which do not affect other colors.

In order to build a better relationship with you, we will continue to provide information about our corporate activities through our website and show you that we are a company that contributes to society.